Practice Survey

Last year, we changed the way you can contact us with a new website. We hope this has made it easier to get help from the surgery, especially during the pandemic.

We’d like to find out what you think about how we’re doing and how we can improve.

Please answer this short survey to help us better understand this.

Practice Survey
Since the start of the pandemic, how easy have you found it to access help from the surgery?
Which of these sections on our website are you aware of?
We introduced an online form called 'Get help for any health problem' to improve access and also to free up our phone lines. Do you find it easy to fill out this form?

How would you rate the response you receive after submitting a 'Get Help...' form?

Speed of first reply from Reception
Clear information back from the practice about what will happen next
Speed of actual appointment
Seeing the clinican you asked for
Are you aware we are still offering face-to-face appointments with a GP (following an initial telephone consultation)?
Can you tell us what age bracket you (or the patient you care for) fit into?
Finally, can you tell us your ethnicity?