Open for Business: COVID 19 Psychological Therapies Pathway

As we know, the mental health impacts of Covid-19 are likely to be significant and sustained particularly as we enter the winter months and more phases of lockdown.

We are now better placed to understand the needs of the local population after several months of living with COVID19. We have first-hand witnessed the impact of the virus and therefore would like to highlight again the interventions we have on offer to help the following people:

  • Front line workers and carers (including care homes)
  • Those impacted by social Isolation and unexpected circumstances – The student population, young people and the elderly
  • Those impacted by ongoing furlough or redundancy
  • Those having to shield and have reduced social activities and experiencing mental health related problems
  • People bereaved, with complicated reactions
  • Those recovering from the virus, in particular those hospitalised and vented or now presenting with unexplained ongoing physical symptoms.

Common ongoing psychological reactions to COVID19:

  • Managing ongoing uncertainty and worry about the future
  • Symptoms related to Long Covid19 and fatigue
  • Post-traumatic stress distress disorder (20% of survivors of intensive care routinely experience PTSD)
  • Health Anxiety and OCD
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Grief, Loss and Bereavement, including traumatic grief

Intervention available at Trent PTS:

  • Provision of information
  • Psychological education to normalise symptoms and explain causes
  • Support for emotional distress
  • Cognitive-behavioural approaches
  • Trauma based interventions
  • Counselling
  • Interventions to increase confidence in, and overcome fear of, resuming normal activities
  • Signposting
  • Employment advice

Sessions are currently delivered via telephone, video conferencing and online packages, evening appointments are also available. We are also offering face to face sessions in some instances and will consider all requests for face to face intervention.

To start the journey:

Online at:

Telephone Numbers:

01332 265659 Derby/Derbyshire

0115 896 3160 Nottingham